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Just Me and Running

There’s always that question of why? Why do you run? I know people wouldn’t ask this question if I was just a casual runner who ran 3 miles everyday. I know they are really asking why in the world would you put your body through the kind of pain and torture of running an ultra-marathon. So why do I run? Well I can tell you that eating strawberry ice cream and fried pickles guilt free is just one of the 100 reasons of why I run.

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You’re Running a What?!?!?!?!

That’s pretty much the reaction I received when I told my friends what I would be doing in the spring of 2008. That’s right 2008, a time where bumper stickers on Facebook were still a thing, Instagram and Snapchat were not around yet, and people wore apple bottom jeans and boots with fur. So why would I, a 20-year-old sophomore in college, who was more interested in the party scene than going to class, want to train for a marathon. Well let’s rewind, shall we.

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